beaded fringes trimmings

What is your favourite type of fringe trimmings?

Have you got a favourite fringe?

When it comes to fringe trimmings, there are many options to choose from. Depending on your style and what you want to with the fringes. They can be used for upholstery, clothing, dresses and a lot of other things. Take a look below to determine what your favourite type of trimmings are.

Bullion Fringes

Bullion fringes are twisted yarn which comes in many colours such as Purple, Pink, Blue and Black. But the most popular colours bullion fringes come in are silver and gold. Any colour of these fringes will work well on all types of clothing. Bullion fringes can come in many different lengths and different thicknesses to meet everyone’s needs for their different projects. The name derives from bullion hose, which had a twisted element at the top that resembled this type of fringe. You will mostly find these types of fringes on curtains or lampshades but now they are becoming more popular on t-shirts and dresses. Have a look at our bullion fringes ranges and let me know in the comments if these are your favourites!


Beaded Fringes

These are my favourite types of fringes as they really bring a different look to your garments. They differ so much from the traditional bullion fringes. The beaded can be really small or big, depending on your preference. But there is a beaded fringe that will suit every occasion. I would use beaded fringes for more special occasions but whatever your preference you can use them. These fringes also come in different colours, such as pink, gold, black, red etc. Beaded fringes typically are used more for women clothing but can be used for anything you like. You can check out our beaded fringes ranges and let me know if those are your favourites in the comments.

Loop Fringes

Loop fringes are commonly used on garments more than the two fringes stated above. Loop fringes can vary in sizes from very long (15cm) to very short (2cm) and can be used for clothing or adding some spice to your lampshades. Loop fringes come in different colours as well: blue, red, pink, black, gold, green etc. Be careful with loop fringes though, sometimes they can get caught on something due to the loop which acts as a handle. Nonetheless, loop fringes can definitely enhance the way your skirts, dresses or t-shirts look and can be a good conversation starter. Take a look at our loop fringe range and let me know if these are your go to fringes in the comment section below.

Tassel Fringes

Tassel fringes are a traditional type of trimmings. Tassel fringes are used mostly for curtains, but they now come in small sizes, so they can now be sewed onto garments without weighing down the fabric. Tassel fringes are commonly used for special occasions such as weddings, holy feast days or funerals but you can use these types of fringes for anything that you like. Smaller tassel fringes can still be used for curtains, pillows and lampshades to give a different look to your everyday household items. You can check out our tassel fringes range and let me know if those are your favourites in the comments.

Pom Pom Fringes

Pom pom fringes are the cutest fringes of them all. They have different varieties of how they look but the overall look is there are tiny fur balls attached to thread. Pom Pom fringes are typically lightweight and colourful! They either come in nylon or acrylic but you can also get them made out cotton. Personally, acrylic are the best types as the colour comes of vibrant and perfect. Pom Pom fringe come in black, white and cream but they look their best when they are colourful like pink, purple and sky blue! Pom pom fringes look great on skirts and pillow trimmings. You can check out our pom pom fringes range and let me know if what are your favourites in the comments.

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