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Need some ideas for fringes this summer 2018?

Fringes Ideas!

Summer 2018 has finally arrived! The sun is out, late nights last longer and everyone is in a great mood. Summer can really impact your behaviour but what about your wardrobe? If you have purchased some fringes or want to purchase some fringe trimmings but you just don’t know what to do with them, this post has been made with you in mind!

Pom Pom fringes

Pom pom fringes are perfect for this weather as they are light, cute and they do not get in the way at all. Depending on your style, you can have them in many different colours: blue, pink, purple, orange etc. Or you can have more subtle style with colours such as cream, white or black. I really love pom pom fringes especially on younger children. In this weather, pom pom fringes on children makes a lot of sense because it doesn’t get in the way or weigh them down. Pom pom fringes are very versatile. You can view our site: garmentborders.com to view our pom pom collections. Comment below with any feedback on the colours we should bring to the site.

Lace fringes

Lace fringes are also the perfect fringe trimmings for the summer. These are not only lightweight but the patterns that lace fringes have are gorgeous! Lace fringe trimmings look the best as an ensemble on a kaftan dress or dress in general. Lace fringes on the borders of your garments will also bring a new dimension to your outfit. Lace fringes are typically used on women garments but can also be used for upholstery items. Depending on the size of the lace fringe will determine where you want to add it. Personally, I would use lace trimmings on the borders of my garments – they will not weigh you down and will not be destructive. Lace trimmings can also be used for jewellery… it can make a cute chocker or a headband! Think outside the box and the possibilities are endless. If you browse the site: garmentborders.com – you will see our collection of lace in pretty colours. Check it out, don’t miss out.

Tassel fringes

Tassel fringes in the summer time are a perfect match. These are a little longer than the above, but these don’t have to be at the bottom of your garments, these can be used as an ensemble on a kaftan dress. However, even if the tassels are at the bottom of your garment they will still shine in the sun – depending on the size of the tassel will deter the heaviness. On this site: garmentborders.com – we sell the mini tassels, so they can be versatile for all walks of life.

Look around the site: garmentborders.com, and see what you are interested in. Even though we are in the summer months now, you can always prepare for those winter garments that you may have in your winter wardrobe! If you have any suggestions on how we can make a better site, then please let me know in the comments below and we will apply what you have suggested.

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