DIY Pom pom Fringe Sliders

This is so easy and this gives a new look to basic sliders. Things you need: 4-8 metres of Pom Pom fringes – you can get them here: Sliders Scissors Step 1: Measure half the amount of fringes you have purchased. So if you got 8 metres, measure 4 metres. Then It will be […]

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CLOSED | WIN £20 WORTH OF GOODS! #CompetitionTime

ITS COMPETITION TIME?? Want to win £20 worth of goodiessss?! ???? Of course you do! The Rules: • Follow our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram (the more you follow the better) FB: | Twitter: | Instagram: • #Repost any of our photos onto your feed. • Use the hashtag #garmentborders AND tag us too. • Extra Points: Go to […]

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Who Are Garment Borders? How Did Garment Borders Begin?

The Beginning I started Garment Borders in June 2018. As of right now, Garment Borders is a new company (anything under a year, I consider a new company).  I don’t have any background knowledge in business – creating a business, owning one… nothing like that. I started as I had a feeling that it was […]

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royal blue grosgrain 20m

Types of Ribbons

2 Types of ribbons There are many types of ribbons out there in the big wide world. However, I will dwindle the huge list of ribbons to only a few. These ribbons are what I use most of the time and I know more about. These are grosgrain and double satin ribbons. My favourite is […]

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ribbon hairstyle

Add ribbons to your hairstyle this summer!

Ribbon hairstyles Ever thought about adding ribbons to your hairstyle? Has that ever crossed your mind? When I was younger I used to put shoe laces in my hair, but I never thought about ribbons. Ribbons come in many different colours: red, pink, blue, green and the list goes on. That means that having ribbons […]

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pompom fringe tassels trimming

Need some ideas for fringes this summer 2018?

Fringes Ideas! Summer 2018 has finally arrived! The sun is out, late nights last longer and everyone is in a great mood. Summer can really impact your behaviour but what about your wardrobe? If you have purchased some fringes or want to purchase some fringe trimmings but you just don’t know what to do with […]

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beaded fringes trimmings

What is your favourite type of fringe trimmings?

Have you got a favourite fringe? When it comes to fringe trimmings, there are many options to choose from. Depending on your style and what you want to with the fringes. They can be used for upholstery, clothing, dresses and a lot of other things. Take a look below to determine what your favourite type […]

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